magazine for digesting

ENZYME 2 ︎︎︎ Life systems


Digital version: 80 pages | English
ISBN: 978-1-5272-82995-6
Liverpool Biennial 2021

Guest editor: Sarah Kristin Happersberger
Collaborators: Abbie Bradshaw, Bonnie Ora Sherk, Cos Ahmet, Linda Jane James, Newton Harrison,
Abbey Foy, Amelia Scott, Caitlin Pengelly
Carys de Gruchy, Charlotte Donnelly-Dobson
Claire Prescott, Darcie Chazen, Emer Bolger
Emily Mincher, Erin Lorimer, Erin Roddy
Francesca Robb, Helen Lydon, Hera Perihar
Joy Clarke, Karema Munassar, Niamh Rowlands
Sara Artibani, Will Pollock

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Thinking of the periodical as part of an intellectual work of digestion, the artists proposed a second issue as their project for Liverpool Biennial and invited curator Sarah Kristin Happersberger to join them as co-editor. Artists Abbie Bradshaw, Bonnie Ora Sherk, Cos Ahmet, Linda Jane James and Newton Harrison, as well as LJMU Art students, collaborated on the challenge of turning Enzyme #2 into Life Systems, the title for this issue.
In the series of events that mark the launch of the publication, the artists will translate their contributions to the magazine into diverse formats such as lectures, cooking sessions, lab experiments and other delicacies we would like to share and digest with you. Join us for a walk across the page and learn more about the secrets of scouse, the hidden ways of the water and the town of a possible future.