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Session 3 ︎︎︎ Feeding the Life Web


JUNE 2021 | 6-8pm BST

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In this session, we will unpack the contributions by artists Newton Harrison and Abbie Bradshaw to Enzyme #2.
  Our closing session will promote the encounter of artists Newton Harrison and Abbie Bradshaw. Newton will start by building a historical arch in time, connecting his contribution to the magazine to past environmental projects he did in the United Kingdom in collaboration with his wife and partner Helen Harrison, whose name inspires the title of his contribution to the publication, called Helen's Town.
Not just a town, this project can be described as a city

which is hungry for environmental regeneration, which opposes cities' most common sole appetite for financial wealth.
  And it is appetite and hunger that drives Abbie's research into the city of Liverpool's most famous dish. Abbie invites the audience to join her in cooking an environmentally friendly version of that dish: a blind scouse.
  In the cooking class, you will learn about the history of the sailor’s stew, Abbie’s passion for instructions and the role of shared eating in Liverpool’s cultural landscape.